Sometimes I'm Sad

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SUMMARY: Jav's goal was to create a film for children dealing with depression.  Because sadness can be very difficult for people to talk about, he wanted to help start dialogue between the parent and child. Jav wrote, directed, and edited the film utilizing illustrations from Hui Min Liu and voice work by Ashley Ramirez.  He also wrote original music under the name Tino Ghost.

SYNOPSIS: When B.B. gets depressed, he's so embarrassed he tries to hide from his friends. All B.B. really needs is a hug from his mother to help him understand that it's okay to be sad; she's there for him no matter how he feels.

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: Beginning Readers, Pre K - 2, Ages 5 – 8

  • Nominated for Best Film at the 2009 Kids First! Film Festival and official selection of the 2009 PowerFlicker Film Festival
  • After an extensive search for an illustrator, Jav Rivera hired Hui Min Liu based on the work she had on her website, specifically because of a zebra image within her "I Have A Dream" series.
  • The story was written during a state of depression and was used as an artistic outlet.  This was suggested by his therapist, to whom he dedicated the film.
    Artwork by Hui Min Liu

    (English, High Definition)