Presented for Great Conversation seminar hosted by University of South Carolina Upstate's Honors Program. Presentation was titled "Fumbling Within the Film Industry: How To Learn From My Mistakes".

Presented at the Francophone Film Festival: Terrorism and Film. Description: In celebration of Upstate International, a panel of experts will discuss teaching the iconic film of the Algerian independence movement in "Reviewing The Battle of Algiers after 50 Years: Terrorism, Colonialism, and Algeria in the Classroom." Panelists include Dr. Liz Zack (Sociology), Dr. Celena Kusch (English & Women’s Studies), Dr. David Damrel (Religious Studies), and Jav Rivera (Multimedia Artist). Moderated by Dr. Araceli Hernandez-Laroche (French) and Dr. Samantha Hauptman (Criminal Justice). 

Jav Rivera's website can now be added to iOS and Android devices. 

Jav's 6th release "GHOST" is available everyone online including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. If you want it free, however, visit his official Bandcamp page here:

It's been announced that Jav's EP entitled GHOST will be released on July 22, 2014, and made available on all online shops as a FREE digital download. To read more about the album click here: GHOST

Since early April, Jav Rivera has been posting articles on LinkedIn. They are being released as either MUSIC NOTES or RANDOM NOTES and more information can be found here: LinkedIn Articles. A direct link to the articles on LinkedIn can be reached here:

It was announced today that Jav will be releasing a free EP sometime in 2014. So far four tracks are planned to be included, one from each of his previous Tino Ghost albums plus a fourth track from his 2015 album "Time Awake". The EP is currently entitled "Ghost EP".

Today Jav Rivera posted the 1st of his new series of articles entitled "Music Notes" which will study theories on music based on his journey as a recording artist: From Film Editor To Audio Mixer

Jav Rivera will be presenting for Kenosha Writer's Guild. The discussion will be regarding writing for various forms of media. Click here for more information:

For the past few months Jav has been writing new music for an upcoming album titled "Time Awake". Some of the demos are available on SoundCloud:

Jav Rivera's 5th album "Almost Alive" is now available worldwide. Buy the album on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and dozens of other online shops.

"Almost Alive" is now available on iTunes as a pre-order. And by pre-ordering, you also get to download the track "Nevermind My Mind" immediately. Visit iTunes here: iTunes: Almost Alive

From Oct. 10-19 download Jav Rivera's second album "UNTIL AUTUMN." for free:

The Equal Ground rated Jav Rivera's new album "Almost Alive" a 3.8 out of 5. Read Jamie Funk's full review here:

"Love Tune," one of the songs from Jav Rivera's new album "Almost Alive" was recently posted and reviewed on

Jav Rivera was recently interviewed by Vents Magazine about his latest album. Read the full interview here:

Lauren Marie's compilation album (in which one of Jav Rivera's songs appears) is up on iTunes! Support Girls Above Society, an organization dedicated to reaching out to young girls facing the tough pressures of today's society, and buy "Beautiful Inside & Out" now! And props to Kayti Designs for the album's artwork. Preview the album on iTunes here:

Jav's new album "Almost Alive" will be officially released on November 12, 2013. For a limited time, however, buy a digital download of the album for only $5 here: Paypal

Jav's new album "Almost Alive" has a NEW RELEASE DATE of November 12, 2013. More news to follow.

2013-03-26  For a limited time, enjoy a FREE digital copy of Jav's second album, "Until Autumn." which is available on Noise Trade.  Click the link to get your copy today!

Today, Jav released a FREE digital album entitled "Trading Noise For Attention" available exclusively on NoiseTrade.  This album is a compilation that includes music from previously released albums, as well as unreleased demos and outtakes.  This is not a "best of" album but instead a collection of music that showcases Jav's experimentation in the recording process.  The album also includes a PDF file that contains lyrics and artist notes for each track.  To download the album, click on the following link:
Jav's children's film, Sometimes I'm Sad, has been updated to HD quality and available for viewing in the film section of this site, as well as here: YouTube.  Sometimes I'm Sad was originally released in 2008 in a standard 4:3 aspect ratio (720x480).  The newly updated widescreen version was re-edited in a high definition (1920x1080) format.  Thanks again to the incredible talent provided by Hui Min Liu (artist) and Ashley Ramirez (voice actor).

The release of Jav's latest album, Almost Alive, has been postponed.  More information will be released when available.

After writing several new songs, Jav has decided to embark on his fifth studio album, currently entitled Time Awake.  Still in the very early stages, the album will be written throughout 2012 and 2013 with a possible release date of 2015.

Jav's new album "Almost Alive" will be released on June 12, 2012.  Stay tuned for updates.

Jav's musical contributions to the Otis Henry tribute album are now available online.  Along with two covers, Jav also wrote an original track entitled "Nut Up".  In related new, Jav was recently interviewed on WGTD radio about the project.  To listen to the interview and all three tracks, visit the newly created Otis Henry section: Otis Henry

The new artwork for Jav's upcoming album "Almost Alive" has been released.  Thank you to Pamela Callahan for contributing her piece entitled "Red Bird".

The artwork for Jav's upcoming album "Almost Alive" will be revised using a lovely piece entitled "Red Bird" by Pamela Callahan (Website). The artwork will be released once the revision is complete.  Stay tuned.

Jav will be working with Southport Press on a new project featuring the work of Otis Henry (  Part of this project will involve a documentary, a tribute album and a book.  More news will be released as it becomes available.

Jav's 2012 album "Almost Alive" may (or may not) be delayed from its original February release date.  Jav also has plans to produce a music video (or two) for the album.  More news later.

Jav's new web series, Toilet Paper People, has been released online.  Check out the official YouTube and Facebook pages here:  YouTube and Facebook.

Mixing for "Almost Alive" has been completed and mastering will take place as early as January 2012. Lyrics for the new album have been posted here: Almost Alive Lyrics

Today officially launches!

The new album which is entitled "Almost Alive" will be released under the name Jav Rivera instead of Tino Ghost.  All three Tino Ghost albums will still be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.
The new album currently has 11 tracks and a 12th is in the writing stage.  These tracks have already been recorded and mostly mixed; some minor tweaks are needed.  The album's release is planned for 2012.