Jav writes lyrics, articles, children's books, short stories, poetry, and essays. He has also worked as a technical writer for various companies and websites, writing how to guides, instructional guides, sell sheets, brochures, fliers, descriptive forms, and various promotional and informational media.

In 2010 Jav Rivera co-founded 2nd First Look, an article-based website focused on highlighting film, music, literature, and the arts - from obscure projects to forgotten classics.

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other selected works
  • LinkedIn (articles) 
  • Medium (articles)
  • Tino Ghost / Jav Rivera (lyrics and music for albums)
  • Mary & The Temporary Man (short story)
  • Autumn Leaves (short story)
  • Luna (children's book) *
  • Sometimes I'm Sad (children's book) *
  • Love Advice From a Single Man Whose Advice May Be the Reason For Being Single (essay)
  • Toilet Paper People (teleplays for webseries) *
  • Are You Listening? (screenplay)
  • The Scare (documentary) *
  • Fifth Grade Students’ Attitudes Towards Learning Tasks and Knowledge of Native Americans Using Video Production (dissertation for masters)
  • What Went On Inside (screenplay) *
  • I Miss Mommy (children's book)
  • A TV at the Bottom of My Plate (screenplay) *
  • For Your Shoes Only (documentary) *

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