Circus Dreams

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Circus Dreams

SUMMARY: Jav Rivera directed and edited Circus Dreams: Part One based the book I Have a Dream by Hui Min Liu.  The remainder of the film will be produced once Hui Min completes her Dream illustrations.  Jav also wrote original music under the name Tino Ghost and provides the voices of the animals (credited under the name Jacob Singer).

SYNOPSIS: Several circus animals share their dreams of freedom.

AUDIENCE: Beginning Readers, Pre K - 2, Ages 5 – 8

  • After working together on Sometimes I'm Sad, Hui Min and Jav established a wonderful friendship and collaboration. Two years later, Jav proposed the idea to produce a film for Hui Min's book, I Have a Dream.
  • Unbeknownst to Hui Min, the zebra image with a blow ball on its nose is the piece that originally convinced Jav to hire Hui Min to illustrate Sometimes I'm Sad.
  • Jav has proposed to work on future collaborations with Hui Min based on her series of robot paintings as well as another series of tiger and fox illustrations.  Both of these projects have been put on hold for the time being.

Artwork by Hui Min Liu