Jav Rivera is an award-winning multimedia artist and has worked on projects as an editor, director, writer, recording artist, voice actor, and photographer. As a supporter of education, he has also trained film and video courses for several companies and educational facilities.

He's a graduate from Columbia College Chicago where he earned his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film & Video and a Masters in Education from Carthage College.

Born in May of 1976 in Waspán, Nicaragua, Jav is the youngest of four. In 1978, his family moved to United States where Jav spent his formative years, primarily in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In 2005, he moved to Austin, Texas where he worked both as a freelance editor and trainer for various educational facilities. Beginning in 2010, he spent some time in Los Angeles, California working on films, television shows, and web series. In October of 2015 he moved to South Carolina to work as the Digital Media Designer for the University of South Carolina Upstate. Jav was also hired as an Adjunct Instructor to teach a video editing course featuring Adobe Premiere non-linear editing software in the Spring semester of 2017.

Jav has produced professional film and video projects since 1996, though his interest in filmmaking began in late high school after taking TV production classes. His extensive experience has lead him to focus on helping children understand and balance their emotions. His children's book, and companion film, Sometimes I'm Sad deals with depression. He hopes to create a series of these books/films in the future.

Jav is also the founder of 2nd First Look, an article-based website focused on highlighting film, music, literature, and the arts - from obscure projects to forgotten classics. He has lead a group of writers posting articles on a monthly basis since 2010.

As a recording artist, Jav has released several albums which are available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online shops. His first three albums were released under the name Tino Ghost, but has since released under his name. Categorized as alternative, there are echoes of progressive rock, folk, blues, and dream pop.

News on Jav's latest projects can be found on his official Facebook fan page: Facebook. To review some of Jav's career highlights as a filmmaker, click here: selected projects. Additionally, a list of his awards can be viewed here: awards.

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