Until Autumn.

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Until Autumn. is a modern blend of singer/songwriter with lush, dreamlike guitars, serene pianos and tranquil vocals.  In comparison to the debut album, Tino Ghost has enhanced the sound for their sophomore effort with stronger vocals, more intimate lyrics, and tightly developed musical arrangements.

Unique, understated and inspired by themes of lost dreams, detached relationships and a desperate hope for normalcy.

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Type: Album
Album Credits:
Written, performed and produced by Jav Rivera
Recorded and mixed by Jacob Singer at 2nd Floor Basement
Mastered by Jim Butler and Richard Robinson
Record Label: 2nd Floor Basement
Released on 2010-10-10
© Copyright 2010 Jav Rivera

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cover/back sleeve

inside sleeve

disc art

01. The Light Around You
02. Early Day, Slow
03. B.
04. Slow and Easy
05. No Skin
06. Inside
07. Cumulus
08. Perfect Addict
09. Pill
10. Maybe You'll Wait

01. The light around you

You have beauty beyond skin
And love beyond man 
I want you when you're nude 
And the light around you 

You have beauty beyond skin 
And love beyond my hand 
I watch you when you're you
And in my life, I want you

You have beauty beyond skin

02. Early day, slow

I know you're far away
I know you're in a state

On an early day, slow down your pace

I hope you'll come again
I hope you'll find your way

On an early day, slow down your pace
On an early day, fade up your face

I know you're wide awake
I hope you're on your way

03. B.

Beautiful B.
It’s not too late
Beautiful B.
Don’t stay awake

Come sleep in my arms

Beautiful B.
I’ll be your sun
Beautiful B.
Don’t be alone

Come dream in my heart

04. Slow and easy

A song for my Baby
Slow and easy

The sky - blue and gray
Quiet and safe

A place along the waves
Slow and easy

The ground - green and brown
Solid and strong

Baby is a song
Slow and easy

05. No skin 

There's no ghost
In the man you left
Just the bones
And the love you hate

There's no light
In the eyes I stare
Just the dark
On the walls inside

There's no skin
On the page you read
Just the words
From the pen I held

There's no man
In the ghost you met

06. Inside

He never understands
Why she leaves the room
Every time the song ends

He never understands
Why he sits alone
Every time the day ends

And inside he waits
And inside he prays
And inside he stays

07. Cumulus

On my way down
Can't stop the sound
Of me and the rain
Inside the clouds
Can't see the ground
Just me and the rain

08. Perfect addict

There's nothing on my mind
Nothing behind these eyes
Like a perfect addict,
I will dine inside

No expectations
No inspections
No expressions on my face

Like a perfect addict,
I will dine inside
I will dine inside
I will die inside 

09. Pill

I'm a pill in my throat
Got no cure for my thoughts 

On a windowsill in my house 
Got no view from my heart 

I’m a chill in my arm 
Got no truth to keep me warm 

Got no cure

10. Maybe you'll wait

Maybe you’ll wait
But until autumn, I won’t feel a thing
And I’ll sink to the black

And until I’m stronger, I won’t leave my brain

Maybe you’re awake
But until autumn, I won’t sleep to think
And I hope I come back

Maybe you’ll wait