Toilet Paper People

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SUMMARY: Jav Rivera developed this series as a silly project to compete with the YouTube generation.

SYNOPSIS: A town of toilet paper people try to explain the simple pleasures of life...very quickly.

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Dominic Brown (voice, puppeteer, writer)
Itzn√° Brown (writer)
Julia Brown (character designer)
Nicholas Brown (writer)
Nicolette Brown (voice, puppeteer)
Mary Edmark (voice, puppeteer)
Tom Follensbee (writer)
Amanda Rivera (singer of "theme song")
Jav Rivera (creator, director, writer, editor)
Ryan Rivera (singer of "theme song")
Yelba Nibya Rivera (art director)
Jacob Singer (voice, puppeteer, singer of "theme song")
Katie Sturino (voice, puppeteer)
Janel Woodard (assistant character designer)

  • All of the characters were designed by Julia Brown when she was eight years old.
  • The project was created as a family project.  So far, the majority of Jav's nephews and nieces have worked as writers, voice actors, and singers.  His mother also helped design the background.
  • The theme song was written by chance and helped inspire the creation of the series.